International Motel Calais Maine

Address: 626 Main St. Calais, Me    Reservation Line: 1-800-336-7515


Google Map Reviewer

I have stayed at this Motel 3 times this summer and found each time the rooms were very clean, the staff was very friendly. We stayed in the Riverview Units so we had a beautiful view of the river and we appreciated the air conditioning as it was very hot. More...

Trip Advisor Reviewer

Stayed in a riverview unit on work, for a week in february, The room was always clean when i returned from work each night and the bed was relatively comfortable. Rest assured, you are not walking into a 4 star hotel, you get a basic clean room with a small tv, free internet and an economical bathroom. But if thats all your looking for then its really a good value. More...

Trip Advisor Reviewer

I travel to the Downeast Maine region weekly for work and have stayed at the International Hotel numerous times. Sometimes I am there every week. I travel and work with my dog and it is a great place to stay if you are traveling with a Dog. There is a trail to walk along the river, things have always been clean, and the staff is always really nice and knowledgeable about the area. The Riverside rooms are not available to Dog owners. The rooms in the new building on the right side of the office are the best ones if you are traveling with a Dog (in my opinion) as the rooms in the origional building are older. More..